Chicken-Egg Ramen Soup

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Chicken-Egg Ramen Soup

We’ve been feasting on dried food for a time now.  I’ve been grilling pork and frying chicken and fish the whole week which is why after viewing my friend Iya’s blog where she featured various kinds of soup from different local restaurants, I suddenly had a craving for wet food.  In a snap, I felt like I want some hot, steaming, savory soup to pass by and burn my throat in a pleasant kind of way.

I thought of a hot soup with noodles, chicken and loofah gourd.  Luckily, I know exactly where to buy all those without having to leave the confines of the village. We headed to the Pink Store.

Incidentally, my husband who lately has been incorporating okra and purple nightshade in everything he eats ran out of his favorite vegetables too.  That’s good, at least for me, because inviting him to drive me to the store won’t be difficult as he needs to buy his own stuff too.

Aling Auring's StoreThe Pink Store is located inside Moonwalk Village in Paranaque, along Armstrong Ave., and corner of White Street, just across the Holy Eucharist Church.   The store, however tiny carries everything a housewife would need in the kitchen.  They have all sorts of canned goods, dairies, all vegetables from bulbs to leaves, chicken and meat, fresh and canned fruits, fresh and dried fish, condiments, mushrooms, herbs and spices, instant noodles and a wide array of grocery items.  If my eyes aren’t fooling me, I believe I even saw umbrellas being sold in one corner of the store.  It is my most favorite little store in Moonwalk.  Its sheer size is its asset, making all the goodies available within an arm’s reach, unlike supermarkets where you have to walk yards and yards to find an item you want.

The store is owned by Aling Auring,  and I know that there’s really good business going on there.   There was never a time I’ve been there when the store isn’t flooded with patrons.

By the way, although my husband and I call it the Pink Store, it’s not really its name.  We call it that because the store used to be colored in pink.  Now it’s all green so one of these days, it is only appropriate that we start calling it the Green Store.

Anyway, so today I went there, and I’m glad I did, because I found my favorite Excellente brand of egg noodles.  I really don’t understand why big supermarkets won’t carry this egg noodle brand when Excellente makes firm and delicious noodle products.  If you’re on a tight budget, it also offers competitive noodle prices compared with other brands.  My mother has used this brand to make Chicken Mami for 24 years and it never failed us.

After I grabbed all my needed ingredients, we immediately headed back home so I could prepare the soup I have in my mind.

I would call this soup Chicken-Egg Ramen Soup.

My ingredients:

  • ½ kilo chicken breast
  • 1 500 gram of flat miki
  • 15 cups of water
  • 1 small onion diced
  • a box of chicken cubes
  • 3 cups of loofah gourd, sliced in rings
  • 3 cups of cabbage, sliced in medium squares
  • 2 medium onion heads sliced into rings
  • 1 tbsp minced spring onion

Cooking Directions:

shredded chicken breastTo make this simple yet delicious egg-ramen soup, fill up a stock pot with 15 cups of water, put in the chicken breast, and the diced onions.  Cover and apply heat.   Allow it to boil for about 20-30 minutes.  Turn heat to medium-low once water is boiling.  The chicken broth will serve as the soup so we have better add up some water when it evaporates during boiling.   After boiling, remove the chicken from the stock pot, transfer it to a bowl allow it to cool down a little, then you have a option to either slice it with a knife or shred it with your fingers. At this point, the chicken breast is very soft already; it will be very easy to shred it.  Set aside the bowl of chicken for a while.

separated flat miki stripsGet the flat noodles chunk and separate the threads with your fingers.  If it’s fresh and new, it shouldn’t be difficult.  Just sink your fingers in the chunk of noodles, wiggle them a little and the noodle strips should detach from each other easily.  Get a smaller stock pot, fill it with the right amount of amount and allow water to boil.  You are doing this because you will blanch the noodles a little to remove whatever gamey smell it may have.  No matter what brand I use, I do this just for good measure.  When the water in your little stock pot begins to produce big boiling bubbles, drop the egg noodles and allow it to boil for like 10 seconds.  Remove it from heat at once and transfer the noodles in your waiting colander.  Run it under tap, and then set aside.

Apply heat under a flat pan and put in some oil.  You will work on the onion rings.  The thing here is to burn the onion rings.  Isn’t that fun?  When we cook, most of the time, we are careful not to burn the onions, but for this one, you will intentionally burn it.  Not charred though, just the right amount of burning and crisp.  Fry the onion rings until they become dark brown.  Don’t worry, once you combine it later with the rest of the mixture, it will blend in beautifully, giving off a nice aroma and looks.  Remove them from oil, and then separate in a small bowl.

Now reheat the chicken stock and allow it to boil some more.  Add the shredded chicken, the noodles, the loofah gourd, the cabbages and the chicken cubes. Cover and continue boiling the soup for about 2 minutes.  Add the spring onion and the burnt onion rings on top just before serving your  Chicken-Egg Ramen.

You may also add an optional dash of sesame oil if you like.  Also, add a bit of salt if you prefer it to be a little salty.

Whisker of Advice from the Kitty

If you want to make this chicken-egg ramen soup a bit more special,  you may add beef liver, shrimps, chicken neck and egg.  Do not slice the chicken neck into smaller bits, boil them as is and grace an individual serving bowl with a single chicken neck.  The broth will be so savory delicious, kids will surely ask for a second serving.

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